Suggested Minimum Donation to Anonymity

Massage with a crescendo (fbsm/mt):    250

The complete full-body massage with stress relief.

Fantasy Massage:    275

The full-body massage with your fantasy attire

ie. Schoolgirl, Sexy nurse, stocking heels...

Bondassage:    250

Comfortably bound during your FBSM and



Escort / Companion Sessions

Additional options available but be

Careful What you Wish For Darling

EXTRAS... ie. GFE limited (mutual touch) and GFE unlimited

 Spanking for the bad boys, Strap on (peg), Domination, Humiliation etc....

Out to your location =x2

Open to those vaccinated.

 Virtual sessions also provided

via...SKYPE today. Call for Code /Number


Visual Veranda

Barb Coming Soon

The rumors of private time with a woman was enough for him to make the call but a firm sensual touch caressing his sore muscles would be a fantasy gone wild. Is it really rhetoric or could his fantasies come true? A session was scheduled. The meet and greet was more than he expected when she asked him to promptly get naked and unzip her dress. He quickly learned who was in charge and it excited him.  Her assertive presence quickly stimulated unforeseen areas. Noticing such excitement gave her far more superiority over him and he loved it. Each and every movement he performed was instructed by her sexy voice and her eyes showed approval as he complied. Now blindfolded and bound to the table, he encouraged her authoritative ways. Not only did she rub with her hands but he felt the entire soft body of his dominant. Submissive had become the utopia. As quickly as he entered her domineering world she entered his. The only time he would have control over anything would be now. His tolerance was well known since his manhood was familiar. Her commanding presence made a mockery of his augury and the continuous climax surmount any fantasy envisioned. The adventure surpassed any sex-ploitation perceived. The ideas circled his mind as he did what came natural. Just then he heard a sigh of pleasure...Did I do that or was it her…???

Should you desire, in your mind, go to another land and just BREATHE relief, then you know what to do. We shall return you to earth when as you wish.

Come feel the free life, if even f0r a short time.

Skype to your favorite 'Sensual Life Coach' when you choose...

Just ask... request and live it.