Massage Adventures

Personal Therapeutic Massage:    100

A therapeutic massage with a woman's touch.

Massage with a crescendo (fbsm):    200

The complete full-body massage with stress relief.

Fantasy Massage:    250

The full-body massage with your fantasy attire

ie. Schoolgirl, Sexy nurse, stocking heels...

Bondassage:    250

Comfortably bound during your FBSM and Crescendo.

Have the yearning desires wait...

Tantra:       250 Hr

Additional options available:

EXTRAS... ie. GFE limited and unlimited, Spanking for the bad boys, Strap on, etc....

Out to your location =x2

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Visual Veranda


Fantasy turns to adventure when he stops at an ad. Noticing a seductive picture of a dreamy woman. Could it be the woman he has fantasized about? Reading on, as if the words had jumped from his fantasy to the page. However, could she really provide this? Going on a limb he made an appointment. As if greeted by an image of his own mind, the beautiful woman gave him a hug and a kiss. Anxiously, he led her to his room. After lowering the lights and selecting soft music, she had created a warm and inviting feeling of a personal touch. She then set up the table and excused herself to change. First, instructing him to undress, lay face down and 'just relax'.' Just relax' he thought...with his fantasy so close to reality how could he relax? A brunette silhouette that would arouse any gender slowly approached. She began by placing steamed towels on his ‘oh so sore’ muscles. Then with the aroma of massage, he drifted off. She continued to caress every muscle in his body. Now lying on his back and brought to consciousness and out of his dream-like state by an arousing touch. He began to feel her fingers closer and closer to his manhood. He thought, "will she really touch it?" Reaching for more oil her breast brushed his chest. Uncontrollably, he began to show 'size'. Nervous she may not approve, he tried a distraction by starting a conversation. However, her red and glossy and her eyes seemed to peer into my thoughts. The conversation was obviously not a good choice for a distraction. Taking a chance at having his fantasy, he closed his eyes and inched towards her hinting for more. Suddenly, he felt the warm oil as it poured and dripped down between his thighs. Her soft hands touching firmly drove him wild. He opened his eyes to watch her sensually take him beyond any fantasy as she…

I guess, sometimes there just aren’t enough words…lol


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