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Suggested Minimum Donation to Anonymity

Massage with a crescendo (fbsm/mt):    250

The complete full-body massage with stress relief.

Fantasy Massage:    275

The full-body massage with your fantasy attire

ie. Schoolgirl, Sexy nurse, stocking heels...

Bondassage:    250

Comfortably bound during your FBSM and



Escort / Companion Sessions

Additional options available but be

Careful What you Wish For Darling


Show me yours... And I will Sell you mine  PANTIES for Pennies

My Panties for your Pennies. They are black G-string style I have worn them too long. Are you someone who awaits that covert moment to sneak a pair from your pocket or desk drawer to sniff? Or maybe you have found yourself behind a locked door trying them on? In any case, your sexual satisfaction depends on a fresh pair now and then. I am here to help you. If you like sniffing women's panties and have run out of fresh ones then here is your chance. I am not looking to hang out all night nor am I in need of a boyfriend. I am full up on offers for sex and I already have a laptop. The pennies will go to a good cause I assure you.

I will slip them off while you watch 6,000 or for 10,000 Pennies you may remove them... but no hands...LOL

hmmm, do the math.

EXTRAS... ie. GFE limited (mutual touch) and GFE unlimited

 Spanking for the bad boys, Strap on (peg), Domination, Humiliation etc....

Out to your location =x2

Open to those vaccinated.

 Virtual sessions also provided

via...SKYPE or DUO Call to schedule prior


Visual Veranda

Barb Coming Soon

Allow me to introduce you to a new Story…

                ‘Laughter meet Boner, Boner meet Laughter’

  Sexy House Hunter Seeks Curious Landlord

He had not planned to take on a “roommate”.  However business was slow and the economy was not working for him this time of year and he was only renting out the pool house. It was not like having a stranger down the hall. The ad ran for about a week and all of the applicants were, let us just say, not quite right. Until SHE came along. He thought he may have found his idea of the perfect roommate. She was all natural and quite beautiful, Slightly younger than he and had a job too. BONUS!  She was a CMT, better known as a masseuse. Soon after her cheerful arrival to view the unit he found himself distracted from their professional conversation. Focus was not his realm today. She wore a knee length sundress that seemed to catch that wind just right as if speaking to him. Nevertheless, he managed to focus long enough to make a clear level headed decision.LOL  She was perfect! Without seeming too anxious he later helped her with her things although he could not lose the ear to ear grin. Just doing as a gentleman should. Later that night while having a glass of wine on the deck and casually wanting to welcome his new found 'perfect' roommate. He began to casually stroll around the outer edge of the pool deck when he caught a glimpse of her changing through the bedroom sliding door.” I knew it was a good idea to put in sheer window coverings for that door.” He thought to himself. Then suddenly realizing this was not very polite and feeling like a young boy peeking into the girl’s bathroom he decided to postpone the welcome until the next day and retreated to his room. Routinely he went to the deck with his early morning coffee and contemplated what the day would hold. As he sipped coffee and listened to the ocean breeze a tropical sound caught his ear. It was coming from the pool house. Finding it impossible not to look through those awesome sheer curtains, he could see she had a massage. Quickly noticing it was not your average therapeutic massage. She wore black lace panties so tiny all they did was frame her ass. In addition, that matching bra was defiantly supporting her breasts, to his disappointment obviously. As he watched the massage, how could he not!  He soon found himself adjusting then searching for a planter or something to be covert while improving his angle. Now upright in a lounge peering over a large planter he watched. With her hair draped over one shoulder, she began to reach behind to remove her bra. Slowly the straps slid down her arms revealing beautiful natural breasts. There her silhouette stood, outlines 

were perfect, and her skin looked so soft. As if at a sports game he found himself silently cheering for her to remove her panties. Recognizing the juvenile behavior was no longer of any concern. It was so much fun! He could see her smiling and talking to her client. It appeared she was asking him to turn over. In envy, he watched as she slowly massaged and periodically bent over to reach for the oil. He could see as her fingers began to drip with oil and seemed to just glide across the body, lower and lower. She paused as her hands lowered to hold her hips then caught the sides of the panties in her fingers and slid them down her thighs and off catching them with her foot to fling them across the room, Now turned in his direction as they hit the curtains. Did she see me? he thought. Adjusting was no longer an issue since his pants were now down to his ankles. Aroused and excited by her hourglass body and graceful sensuality he sat and watched as the massage became sensual. Still wondering if she knew where he was hiding… What she did next caused him to hedonistically... Like never before.


2 Birds with 1 Stone...LOL

Should you desire, in your mind, go to another land and just BREATHE relief, then you know what to do. I shall return you to earth when as you wish.

Come feel the free life, if even f0r a short time.

Skype or Duo  with your favorite 'Sensual Life Coach' when you choose...

Just ask... request and live it.

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